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Welcome to the official Coloured Circles website. Established by a team of industry veterans, and based rightin the heart of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, Coloured Circles is a rapidly growing online retailer of coloured contact lenses. Stocking only the world’s most reputable brands, including Eye Fusion, the brand behind the only genuinely UK-manufactured range of coloured contacts, you won’t find any cheap and nasty imports here. Combined we hold in excess of 500 unique designs in stock and ready to ship, this incorporates the world’s largest range of Halloween contacts, an extensive natural range, a cosplay range, and even an extensive range of UV-reactive contacts.

Furthermore, we have established a dedicated Coloured Circles UK store and a Coloured Circles US store, as well as a large state-of-the-art fulfillment centre serving the UK, US, and other international markets. Enabling us to offer some of the fastest shipping coloured contacts on the internet, we also offer fast and friendly customer support via our in-house customer support team.

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