Mesh Contact Lenses

Introducing the world’s largest selection of mesh contact lenses. Sometimes also refered to as screen contacts, this extensive range features a selection of mesh like designs that consist of a series of closesly grouped horizontal and vertical printed lines that overlap diagonally leaving small gaps. The result is a pattern that resembles mesh, a crisscross or lattice and completely fills the outer facing surface of the lens, therefore, covering both your natural iris and pupil. Designed for use in extreme special effects makeups, cosplay or at Halloween, our mesh contacts are available in a variety of colours, including red, white, and black.

Serving as a popular, and somewhat less extreme alternative to blind contact lenses which completely inhibit your natural vision, our mesh coloured contact lenses are ideal for cosplaying the eyes of various characters originating from hit movies, TV series, and even video games. Some notable examples include our white mesh UV contacts which can be used as UV-reactive alternative to our blind white contacts for replicating the eyes of the zombies from AMC’s Walking Dead. Other notable examples include our humanoid contacts which feature a white printed design and a red mesh pupil which makes them suitable for replicating the eyes of Termiator AKA T-100 or Carl from Terminator: Dark Fate (2019). Meanwhile, our red mesh contacts can be used to replicate the red eyes of Anime characters such as Mary Saotome from Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler as well as spin-off Kakegurui Twin, and even Leticia Draculea from Problem Children Are Coming From Another World (2013).

Manufactured right here in the UK, our mesh contact lenses are soft, lightweight, and highly durable due to their scientifically formulated construction from 62% polymacon and 38% water. Hand printed using approved dye, they are packaged as single lenses, and sold in pairs with a 90-day lifespan. Furthermore, our mesh contacts have a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours, but because they significantly restrict your vision, they aren’t suitable for wear whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

What does looking through mesh contacts look like?

Our mesh-resembling designs are made up of closely grouped horizontal and vertical coloured lines that overlap diagonally leaving small gaps. They also don’t have a clear cut-out or break in the design for a pupil, and peering out through them will subsequently be like trying to see through dozens of very small holes.

Can you see through mesh contacts?

The short answer is yes, you will be able to see through mesh contacts. However, because our mesh-resembling designs cover the entire surface of the coloured lens, including the iris and pupil, your vision will be severely limited.

Can you drive with mesh contacts in?

Unlike our regular coloured contacts, mesh contact lenses don’t have a clear circular pupil. In fact, the design covers both the iris and pupil and they will, therefore, significantly restrict your vision which means they aren’t suitable to wear whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

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