Crazy Clown Contact Lenses (Pennywise)

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The no1 bestseller in our movie category, our Pennywise contact lenses have been designed to authentically replicate the piercing yellowy-orange eyes of the child-devouring adversary Pennywise. Featuring as the titular antagonist in Warner Bros feature-length movies It (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019), Pennywise has become a pop culture icon and a popular theme in cosplay and at Halloween. Featuring a thick dark orange limbal ring, light orange centre, and a blended dark orange ring that surounds a circular pupil, our Pennywise contacts also feature realistic dark orange bloodshot veins.

Demon, alien, humanoid and spider, the child-devouring adversary is described in various ways, but generally only manifests visually as a clown. Created by Stephen King and first featured in his 1986 horror novel It, Pennywise is a supernatural entity or ancient demon, and of an age greater than our universe. Possessing a number of formidable super-natural skills including the ability to shape-shift, alter reality and appear invisible to adults, he terrorises the small US town of Derry every 27 years or so. Mostly preying and feeding on the flesh of children, but sometimes adults too.

Pennywise hasn’t exclusively appeared in novels and live-action movies though. Less well known is ABC’s 1990s two-part miniseries with the same name and premise, of which the portrayal of Pennywise has been labelled the scariest clown in TV and film history. Meanwhile, he is also believed to have inspired the widely publicised clown hysteria in 2016 which followed a influx of clown sightings across both the UK and USA.

Putting their coulrophobia inducing appearance to one side, our Pennywise contact lenses have been engineered to provide exceptional comfort and durability. Manufactured in England by the country’s only approved manufacturer of coloured contacts, they contain 62% polymacon and 38% water, and are, therefore, classed as ‘soft lenses’. Best of all, they are reusable and have a lifespan of 90 days. Meanwhile, they boast a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.




Eye Fusion

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62% Polymacon & 38% Water

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1x Pair (2x Lenses)

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