Flag Contact Lenses

Looking for a new way to express your patriotism? Look no farther than our country flag contact lenses. A creative new addition to our extensive selection of coloured contacts, they have been designed to completely hide your natural eye colour whilst transforming your eyes with pixel-accurate and expertly colour-matched replications of the national flags for countries including the UK, USA, France, and Brazil. Also featuring clear circular pupils, they have been designed to ensure your vision isn’t restricted while in use. Great for patriots and sporting fans, our country flag contacts can also be used as an everyday fashion accessory or in cosplay.

Flag contacts for celebrating national holidays

National holidays provide just about the best opportunity to express patriotism. Aside from the obvious displaying of flags and bunting, wearing flag-themed clothes and even face paint, flag contact lenses are a great new way to stand out. Examples of flag coloured contacts that can be used to celebrate national holidays include our USA flag contacts which are ideal for those looking to go ‘all out’ in celebration of American Independence Day (July 4). Meanwhile, our ST George’s Cross contacts are ideal if you are partaking in the UK’s annual celebration of ST George’s Day (April 23), and our Union Jack Flag contact lenses for British royal events including weddings and coronations.

Flag contacts for international sporting events

International sporting events provide an equally great opportunity to express patriotism alongside support for your national team. Thankfully, our extensive range of flag contacts incorporates many designs that replicate the national flags of some of the world’s most successful sports teams from the FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, and even the Olympics. Some of our most notable examples include our Pakistan flag contacts which can be used to show support for Pakistan’s successful national cricket squad or our Brazil contacts which can be worn to show support for Brazil’s national football team.

Flag contact lenses for cosplaying patriotic characters

With an extensive selection of patriotic characters originating from comics by Marvel and DC, there is plenty of scope to incorporate a pair of flag contacts into cosplay. Some examples include our USA Flag contacts which are ideal for use in cosplays based on characters such as Marvel’s Captain America and Miss America, and even DC’s Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, our Union Jack Flag Contacts are ideal for use in Captain Britain cosplays.

Proudly manufactured by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured contact lenses, our flag contact lenses are hand-printed using vibrant colour-matched dye. Formulated to provide exceptional levels of comfort and durability, they contain a mix of 68% polymacon and 38% water. Packaged individually in sterile, solution-filled, plastic blisters, they are sold in pairs and come with a lifespan of 90-days. Furthermore, they boast a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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