Werewolf Contact Lenses

Looking to buy lycan contacts or werewolf contact lenses online with fast shipping? Look no farther than our soft, reusable, UK-manufactured werewolf contacts from the world renowned Eye Fusion brand. Featuring as a popular sub-category of our Halloween contacts range, we stock designs that accurately replicate the eyes of werewolf-like characters from media franchises such as Teen Wolf, Underworld, and Twilight. Meanwhile, we also have a range of realistic wolf eye contacts, and even a small selection UV-reactive wolf contacts. Designed to completely hide your natural iris, and subsequently give you the appearance of werewolf eyes without inhibiting your natural vision, they are a must have accessory for anyone working on a werewolf costume for Halloween, a werewolf convention such as WereWolfCon and HowlCon, or just for fun.

Werewolves, sometimes also known as lycanthorpes (wolf-men), originate from ancient European folklore. They are most commonly described as humans who have the ability to morph or shapeshift into wolves, either at will or when exposed to moon light, and subsequently the ability to return to human form either a will or with the return of daylight. Often referred to as a curse, rather than a gift, werewolves have served as a popular source of inspiration for a never-ending list of live-action movies, comic books, and video games, which collectively fall under the genre of werewolf fiction. Examples of popular werewolf fiction include live-action movies such as Werewolves Within (2021), The Wolfman (2010), and Wolves (2014), TV series including Teen Wolf (2011), comics such as Werewolf by Night, and even video games like Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Captivating audiences with their terrifying, but sometimes also charming and sincere depictions of shapeshifting humans and fearsome wolves, the popularity of the genre, along with the association of werewolves with Halloween has led to many werewolf-inspired characters becoming popular cosplay themes. Meanwhile, those who participate in so called werewolf-cosplay typically combine werewolf costumes with makeup, fake blood, werewolf contacts like the selection you see here, and even fangs.

Our best werewolf contacts to replicate the eyes of popular characters

Our extensive catalogue of werewolf contact lenses includes a plethora of designs that accurately replicate the eyes of werewolves from some of the best werewolf movies of all time. For example, our no1 bestselling werewolf design has been plucked from our Twilight range and comes in the form of our New Generation werewolf contacts which serve as an almost pixel-perfect replica of the brown contacts worn by Taylor Lautner whilst in character as Jacob Black. For manga fans we have designs like our pink block contacts which can be used to replicate the bright pink eyes of werewolf Nine Forton from Beware of the Villainess! Meanwhile, on the comic book side, our glamour green contacts are ideal for cosplaying the bright green eyes of Marvel’s Rahne Sinclair, otherwise known as shapeshifter Wolfsbane.

Teen Wolf and alpha werewolf contact lenses

One of the biggest werewolf themed franchises of all time comes in the form of Teen Wolf, originally hitting screens as a TV series back in 2011, it ran for 100 episodes split over six seasons, and even has a live-action movie titled Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) in the works which will pick up where the series left off. Remaining a popular theme among cosplayers today, especially at Halloween, we stock several pairs of werewolf coloured contacts that can be used to cosplay the eyes of key characters. For example, those looking for a pair of alpha werewolf contacts to replicate the crimson red glowing eyes of alphas Derek Hale and Scott McCall need look no farther than our red UV contacts. Meanwhile, we also have a pair of blue UV contacts which can be used to replicate the eyes of Jackson Whittemore.

Wolf eye contact lenses

As well as our extensive selection of werewolf designs, this category also incorporates a selection of wolf eye contact lenses. Some popular examples include our red and yellow wolf eye contacts which are also available as a UV-reactive design, here. Meanwhile, if you are looking to accurately replicate the eyes of real-life wolves, look no farther than our realistic wolf eye contacts, which feature a black sclera, yellow iris, and black pupil.

UK-manufactured werewolf contact lenses

Proudly designed and maufactured by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured lenses, our reusable, non-prescription werewolf contact lenses feature colourful designs on the outer facing surface which are hand-printed with approved dye. Manufactured as soft lenses, they contain 62% polymacon and 38% water in order to maximise safety, comfort and durability. Packaged as single lenses within sterile plastic blisters, our werewolf and wolf eye contacts are sold as pairs with a 90-day lifespan, and come with a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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