UV Contact Lenses

Bored of regular coloured contacts? Give your eyes an incredible lightning bright glow with a pair of our revolutionary i-Glow UV contact lenses. Not to be confused for UV-blocking contact lenses, these are UV reactive which means they produce a vibrant and colourful glow when exposed to the low-level radiation that UV/black-lights omit. Often also referred to as glow in the dark contact lenses, neon contacts or ultraviolet contacts, they are just as safe, comfortable and durable as regular contacts, and are ideal for use in cosplay, at Halloween or while clubbing.

Featuring extensively in TV, movie, and video game derived characters, glowing eyes are often used to represent or portray magic, power and evil-intent among other things. Made possible by the inclusion of UV reactive phosphors within the coloured dye, our UV contacts present new and exciting opportunities for cosplayers to accurately replicate these glowing eyes. For example, designs like our red UV contacts can be used to recreate the red glowing eyes of Wanda Maxinoff AKA Scarlet Witch as seen in films including Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other examples include our blue UV contacts which have been designed to replicate the blue live streaming contacts worn by Isaiah Charms in The First Purge.

Exclusively manufactured right here in England, our i-Glow UV contacts are hand-printed using UV-reactive dye. Containing 62% polymacon and 38% water, they are soft, flexible, extremely comfortable, and most importantly, safe for frequent use. Sold as pairs, they come packaged in sterile blisters with a lifespan of 90-days, and a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

What’s the difference between UV contacts and glow in the dark contacts?

Despite the terms ‘UV-reactive contacts’ and ‘glow in the dark contacts’ being used interchangeably, they are two completlely different concepts of which the latter doesn’t actually exist. For example, Glow in the dark colours typically contain phosphorescent pigments that charge when exposed to bright light. They retain this charge and automatically release it causing a glow when exposed to the dark. However, the main stumbling block with glow in the dark contacts is the non-existence of cosmetics-approved glow in the dark dye. Other stumbling blocks include the fact that the glow produced by glow in the dark pigments diminishes fairly quickly and will eventually fizzle out to a point where it no longer glows. Additionally, the pigments that are used to produce glow in the dark colours either can’t be mixed or don’t mix very well which limits the range of colours that can be created.

In contrast to glow in the dark pigments, UV pigments like the ones used to print our i-Glow UV contacts, produce an immediate, strong and consistent glow whenever they are exposed to low-level radiation emitted by UV/black-lights. Made possible by the inclusion of special UV phosphors contained within the pigments, the immediate glow is the result of an instantaneous two-step process or reaction known as fluorescence. Meanwhile, cosmetics-approved UV pigments are freely available and easily mixed to create an unlimited range of colours. Combined, these characteristics make UV reactive the only viable option for producing contact lenses that glow.

Are UV contact lenses safe?

Absolutely, because our UV coloured contact lenses are manufactured in the same facility, using the exact same processes, and base materials as our regular coloured contacts, they are just as safe. The only notable difference is the use of UV-reactive pigments in the dye rather than regular pigments.

Can you get glow in the dark contacts?

As cool as glow in the dark contacts may sound, they unfortunately don’t exist. As discussed above, there are significant barriers to being able to produce glow in the dark contacts, these include the lack of cosmetics approved glow in the dark dye, the rate at which their ability to glow would diminish, and the limited range of colours that could be created.

How do I make my UV contacts glow?

Our i-Glow contacts are UV-reactive. Printed with dye that contains UV-reactive phosphors, the design that is featured on the front facing surface will produce an immediate and consistent glow when exposed to a UV/black-light source.

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