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Looking for a pair of non-prescription rainbow contact lenses? Commonly also referred to as pride contact lenses, our bright and colourful rainbow-replicating lenses feature an accurate depiction of the gay pride flag or pride flag that has been universally adopted by the LGBT community. The newest addition to our range of flag contacts, they incorporate a single stripe of red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet, but also a clear circular centre that aligns neatly with your natural black pupil and subsequently allows you to see uninhibited. Ideal for those attending pride celebrations including the New York City Pride Parade, WorldPride, and Brighton & Hove Pride, our rainbow contacts can also be incorporated into pride or rainbow themed special effects makeups, or worn as an everyday fashion accessory.

Debuting at the 1978 San Francisco’s Gay Freedom Celebration, the original pride flag was designed by artist Gilbert Baker and his friend Lynn Segerblom at the request of Harvey Milk who became the firstly openly gay man to be elected into public office in the United States. Incorporating eight equally sized rainbow-replicating coloured stripes, the flag was revised to omit hot pink and turquoise just a year later due to challenges involved in printing such vibrant colours onto textiles used in the manufacturing of flags and clothing. This revision ultimately resulted in the creation of the the six colour flag that has become the most widely used and recognised global symbol for the LGBT movement today, it also serves as the basis upon which are pride contact lenses have been designed. Most commonly displayed in horizontal form with red at the top, which replicates the aesthetic appearance real-life rainbows, our rainbow contacts can actually be worn both with the stripes displayed horizontally or vertically.

Manufactured right here in the UK, our reusable rainbow contact lenses are hand-printed with a combination of six coloured dyes that accurately replicate the colours found in both real-life rainbows and the pride flag. Formulated to provide exceptional comfort and durability, they contain 62% medical grade polymacon as well as 38% water. Packaged as single lenses, our rainbow coloured contacts are sold in pairs with a 90-day lifespan, and boast a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.


Eye Fusion

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United Kingdom


90 Day


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62% Polymacon & 38% Water

Package Contents

1x Pair (2x Lenses)

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2 reviews for Pride Contact Lenses (Rainbow)

  1. Ian Oswin

    Officially my new favourite pair of contact lenses. I just can’t get enough of the bright pride colours and how good the look in the eye. Smooth transaction, arrived on time, and I’m happy to say that with so many amazing designs, you’ve got yourselves a new customer for life.

  2. Kirsty Scatchard

    The colours look great, I just wish all six had been included in each lens rather than them having been split across two lenses.

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