Alien Contact Lenses

Looking for a pair of non-prescription Alien contact lenses? Featuring a plethora of designs that acurately repliacte the eyes of alien and humanoid characters from popular media, our alien lenses are a must have for anyone attending the legendary Roswell UFO Festival, celebrating Alien Day (April 26), or jumping on the Area 51 makeup trend. Manufactured as soft cosmetic lenses, and designed to completely transform your natural eye colour, our alien contacts feature vibrant colours and pixel perfect designs, while some have vertical pupils, and others contain UV-reactive dye which causes them glow lightening bright under UV/blacklight.

Also known as extraterrestrials and referring to any life-form not derived from planet earth, aliens have served as a subject of fascination for centuries, but it is the Roswell UFO incident of 1947 that really ignited the flame. Fast forward to the modern era and an estimated 50% of the UK adult population believe in the existence of aliens, while in the USA this jumps to 65% and includes high-profile celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. Meanwhile, this fascination has led to a never ending list of alien-themed live-action movies including Aliens (1979 – 2017), E.T. (1982), Paul (2011), and Enders Game (2013). Additionally, there are feature-length animations like Megamind (2010), and even video games including Mass Effect (2007 – 2021). However, as evidenced by the diversity within our alien coloured contacts range, the appearance of their characters goes far beyond pop-culture’s stereotypical depiction of ‘little green men’ with bald heads, bulging eyes, and sometimes antenna, or even the ‘Greys’ which are the subject of countless close encounter and abduction claims.

This phenomenon, and subsequent explosion in alien-themed media has led to a surge in the popularity of alien cosplay. With this in mid, we’ve developed an extensive and diverse range of alien contact lenses. Incorporating designs such as our Darth Maul contacts which feature a movie-accurate replication of the eyes of Maul from Star Mars. We also have silver mirror contacts which accurately replicate the contacts worn by Vin Diesel in his role as the titular character from Riddick (2000 – 2013), and our multi-tone yellow Avatar contacts for the eyes of the Navi, the humanoid natives from planet Pandora in James Cameron’s Avatar 1 (2009) & Avatar 2 (2022).

Other options include our glimmer blue contacts which can be used to replicate the eyes of characters such as Dr Liara T’Soni of the human-like Asari race from BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda video game (2017). Portrayed as Thessia natives, they are a wholly female race with blue to purple-skin, blue eyes, and head tentacles. However, this design is also suitable for cosplayig the eyes of various other aliens and humanoids, including Marvel’s Sam Alexander AKA Nova, a half human, half alien superhero from the intergalactic police force Nova Corps.

Alien contacts for the Area 51 makeup challenge

The Area 51 makeup challenge went viral in mid-2019 but remains a recurring theme in the world of special effects makeup, especially in the run up to World UFO Day (June 24 / July 2), as well as Halloween. Inspired by the real-life Area 51, also known as Homey Airport or Groom Lake, a top-secret US Government facility that’s rumoured to be used as a UFO research facility, the viral challenge saw UFO, alien, galaxy, and space themed makeups flood social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. One of the most popular themes focused on pop-cultures depiction of green skinned aliens, while many participants also incorporated coloured contacts with vertical pupils, such as our green cat eyes, for example.

Painstakingly designed and manufactured right here in the UK, our alien contacts contain a scientifically formulated mix of 62% polymacon and 38% water which leaves them feeling soft, lightweight and highly-durable. Meanwhile, they are hand-printed with approved dye, and packaged individually within sterile plastic blisters. Sold as pairs, our alien contact lenses have a 90-day lifespan and a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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