Dragon Contact Lenses

Looking for a pair of non-prescription dragon contact lenses? Featuring as a sub-category of our cosplay contacts range, our dragon contacts have been designed to replicate the eyes of draconic characters from popular animations, live-action movies, comics, and video games. Mostly round with vertical pupils, a bit like our cat eyes, we also have many circular pupild options. Ideal for anyone cosplaying dragon themed characters at DragonCon, Comi Con, or any other cosplay convention, they can also be worn for dragon-themed Chinese New Year festivities, or in celebration of Appreciate A Dragon Day (January 16).

Arising from centuries old folklore, traceable right back to the late 2nd millennium BC, dragons have long served to fascinate and bewilder. Referenced in almost all cultures, including Japanese, Korean, African, Egyptian, and English, they are most often described as lizard or serpent-like beings. However, in Chinese culture where they are seen as a symbol of good luck, they take on many other animal-like forms including fish, turtles and snakes. Meanwhile, other common culture-spanning characteristics include muscular-physiques, scales, horns, razor sharp teeth, wings, and sometimes also the ability to breathe fire. Featuring extensively in books, comics, animations, live-action movies, and video games, dragon-themed cosplay has subsequently risen in popularity with cosplayers donning realistic dragon costumes, makeup, and even dragon contact lenses in order to replicate their favorite draconic characters.

Expertly designed based on extensive research into media-derived draconic characters, our range of dragon contact lenses incorporates many vertical pupild designs like our orange and yellow dragon contacts. Ideal for cosplaying the eyes of Smaug, the gold loving dragon from The Hobbit franchise (2012 – 2014), they feature a bright orange and yellow iris with a black vertical pupil. Other options include our vertical pupild green dragon contacts which are ideal for replicating the bright green eyes of Toothless from the DreamWorks animation How To Train Your Dragon (2010), as well as the eyes of Maleficent when depicted as a dragon in Walt Disney’s animated installment of Sleeping Beauty (1959). Meanwhile, our bestselling yellow cat eyes are ideal for cosplaying the bright yellow eyes of Grim Gnasher from Dragons: Race of the Edge, while our aqua cat eyes can be used to cosplay the eyes of Charizard, the legendary fire-breathing Pokemon.

Dragon contacts with a circular pupil

Vertical pupils to one side, our extensive selection of dragon contact lenses also includes many circular pupild options. For example, our emerald green contacts bare a close similarity to the eyes of Spike the Dragon from My Little Pony, while our red block contacts are a great fit for the eyes of Ember, also a dragon from My little Pony, as well as Black Smoke Shenron from the Drago Ball series.

UK-manufactured dragon contact lenses

Proudly manufactured and hand-printed in the UK, our dragon contact lenses are made in a lab-like facility, and using only the highest quality materials. Consistig of 62% polymacon and 38% water, they have been formulated to provide exceptional comfort and durability. Packaged individually in sterile plastic blisters, but sold as ready-to-wear pairs, they have a 90-day lifespan ad a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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