Yellow Contact Lenses

On the hunt for a pair of cheap yellow contact lenses? Look no farther than our extensive range of high quality, UK-manufactured yellow contacts. Featuring yellow-printed designs on the outer facing surface, they have been designed to temporarily transform your iris to yellow, and come in a range of uique styles including, yellow cat eyes, yellow UVs, and various character-specific designs. Meanwhile, they are also available in multiple shades of yellow, including golden yellow, bright yellow, amber, gold, and even neon yellow. Especially designed for use in cosplays and Halloween costumes, our yellow contacts can also be incorporated into special effects makeups, or worn as an everyday fashion accessory.

Best described as a cheerful colour that represents happiness, hope and spontaneity, yellow features extensively in the eyes of anime derived characters, but not necessarily for those reasons. Meanwhile, yellow eyes are also fairly common in characters derived from western feature-length animations and live-action movies. Designed to replicate these yellow eyes in their various forms, we’ve collated an extensive range of character-accurate yellow contact lenses. For example, our yellow avatar contacts which feature a two-tone yellow design, and serve as an accurate replication of the CGI generated eyes of the Navi from James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) and Avatar: The Way Of Water (2023). Meanwhile, other notable examples include our yellow Mad Hatter contacts which are a pixel perfect replica of the yellow contacts worn by Johnny Depp in Alice In Wonderland (2010) and Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016). However, the most recent addition to this selection comes in the form of our yellow Valak contacts which have been designed especially for cosplays based on The Nun (2018) and The Nun 2 (2023).

Yellow contacts for cosplaying comic book characters

Yellow eyes also feature extensively in comic book characters. For example, Marvel characters such as Jack Russell otherwise known as Werewolf By Night, X-Men’s Mystique, and even Gamora, a former assassin and member of Guardians of the Galaxy all have bright yellow eyes. For cosplayers looking to replicate these, our bright yellow contacts are a great fit.

Yellow contacts for anime cosplay

On to anime, and there is quite literally a never-ending list of yellow-eyed characters. For example, Naruto’s Sage Mode which is seen in the eyes of Hagoromo Otsutsuki and Naruto Uzumaki among other characters, and can be accurately cosplayed with a pair of our Sage Mode contacts. Meanwhile, other examples of yellow-eyed anime characters include Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia, Soma Yukihira from Food Wars!, and Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, all of which can be cosplayed with a pair of our solar eclipse contacts which feature a yellow iris and a thick black limbal ring.

Natural yellow contact lenses

Although not a naturally occurring human eye colour, instead being the preserve of felines, lizards, frogs and various other animals, we have introduced a number of semi-natural yellow contact lens designs to shake things up a little. These include our fusion yellow and blue contacts as well as our fusion yellow and green contacts.

UK-manufactured yellow coloured contacts

Manufactured by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured contacts, our fast shipping yellow contact lenses are hand-printed with various shades of highly-pigmented approved yellow dye. Containing 62% medical grade polymacon and 38% water, they are soft leses, and have been engineered to provide exceptional levels of safety, comfort, and durability. Sold as pairs, our yellow contacts are reusable with a lifespan of up to 90 days. Furthermore, they have a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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