Star Contact Lenses

Looking for a pair of star contact lenses? Featuring as a sub-catgeory of our popular cosplay range, and playig host to a vast selection of designs that incorporate stars or star motifs in their various forms, including four, five, and six pointed stars, pentagrams and pentacles, our extensive range of soft, reusable, non-prescription star contacts is among the largest in the world. Available in colours such as blue, red, pink, white, and black, our star contacts have been designed to hide your natural eye colour, replacing it with a star shape or motif, whilst ensuring your vision is uninhibited. Especially designed for use in cosplay, they can also be incorporated into special effects makeups, Halloween costumes, or worn as an everyday fashion accessory.

Depicted in various differet forms with between three and eight poitns, it is in fact the five pointed star, also kown as a regular star polygon or petagram that has become the most widely adopted. Naturally, it also serves as the most represented star shape within our range of star contact lenses. Found on Sumerian pottery that dates back as far as 3500 BCE, the five pointed star has found its was into cultures and religions all over the world, albeit with various different symbolisms and meanings. For example, during ancient times, Christians used it as a representation of the five wounds of Christ, while in ancient Chinese and Japanese religions it was used to symbolise the five elements of life. Also finding its way on to a number of national flags, including the USA flag which contains 50 individual five pointed stars, and the Pakistan flag which features just one. Fast forward to modern times and in pentacle form (a five pointed star surrounded by a circle), it is widely used by the Wiccans, witches, and pagans.

Designed to replicate these stars or star motifs in their various forms, we have created an extensive range of star shaped contact lenses. The single most popular design from this range comes in the from of our red pentagram contacts which are ideal for use in cosplays based on witches, devils, and demons. Other examples include our silent night contacts which are ideal for use in Christmas themed makeups and costumes, as well as our pink star contacts which are ideal for use in fantasy-themed special effects makeups and anime-inspired cosplays.

UK-Manufactured star contact lenses

Produly manufactured by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured eye contacts, our star contact lenses feature unique and pixel-perfect designs. Hand-printed with approved coloured dye, they contain 62% polymacon and 38% water which leaves them feeling soft, thin, and lightweight, ultimately ensuring maximum safety, comfort and durability. Sold as pairs, our reusable star contacts boast a 90-day lifespan and a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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