Black Skull Contact Lenses (Pair)

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Self-labelled Goth or just skull-obsessed? Give your natural eyes an incredible skull transformation with a pair of our black skull contact lenses. Featuring a pure-white background and an intricately detailed black skull motif, they draw inspiration from the renowned Gothic fashion brand Alchemy. Serving as a new addition to our growing range of Gothic contacts, they are ideal for use in Gothic fashion, at Halloween, or even Day of the Dead celebrations.

From skull-obsessed designers like Alexander McQueen to high street retailer like AllSaints, skulls have featured extensively in both Gothic and mainstream fashion over the years. Most commonly seen as a representation of death, mortality or even immortality, their use stretches right back to the Elizabethen period when they were used in jewelery and instead seen as a representation of toughness and bravery.

Manufactured by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured lenses, our black skull coloured contacts are hand-printed using approved black and white dye. Formulated to maximise comfort and durability, they contain a mix of 62% polymacon and 38% water. Packaged individually, but sold as pairs, they have a 90-day lifespan and are recommended for up to eight hours consecutive wear.




Eye Fusion

Country Of Manufacture

United Kingdom


90 Day


0.00 (Plano)

Base Curve





62% Polymacon & 38% Water

Package Contents

1x Pair (2x Lenses)

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