Green Contact Lenses

Searching for a pair of fast shipping green contact lenses? Look no farther than our extensive range of soft, reusable, non-prescription green contacts. Featuring as a popular sub-category of our coloured contacts range, we stock natural, cosplay, and Halloween designs that incorporate shades like emerald green, forest green, olive green, gemstone green, lime green, and even neon green. Designed to either enhance or hide your natural eye colour, subsequently giving your eyes an incredible green appearance without inhibiting your natural vision, they have proven popular among people looking for a natural colour switch as well as those cosplaying green-eyed characters for conventions, or even Halloween.

The unofficial colour of nature, green is a mix of yellow and blue, and is said to symbolize life, fertility, renewal, and resurrection among other things. Featuring naturally in the eyes of humans, in places like Ireland, Scotland, and Northern Europe it is one of the most common eye colours, but its rarity on the global scale where just 2% of all humans have green eyes, makes it one of the world’s rarest natural eye colours. Despite this apparent rarety, green features extensively as a colour within the eyes of fictional characters from live-action movies, western animations, animes, comic books, and even video games, and for this reason we’ve seen consistent demand for green contact lenses, which has led to an explosion in the size of our range.

Green contacts for movie-accurate cosplays

This extensive range includes movie-accurate bestsellers like our green Maleficet contacts which serve as a theatrical representation of the green eyes of Maleficent as depicted by Angelina Jolie in Maleficent (2014) and Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (2019). Meanwhile, DC fans looking for a pair of bright green contacts to replicate the eyes of The Joker as depicted in various forms of media, including the live-action movie, Joker (2019), need look no farther than our green Joker contacts. For fans of Poison Ivy, also from the DC universe, our emerald green contacts are a great fit. However, if your are more of a Marvel fan, you might be interested in our green Hulk contact lenses which are a must have for cosplays based on The Incredible Hulk, altergo of Dr. Bruce Banner.

Green anime contacts

Live-action movies aside, our extensive range of green coloured contacts also incorporates many designs that can be used to cosplay green-eyed Anime characters. Featuring extensively in anime, green eyes are often used as a symbol of unique or special characters. Some of our most popular green anime designs include our dolly eye green contacts which are ideal for cosplaying the eyes of Izuku Midoriya, otherwise known as Deku, from My Hero Academia. Meanwhile, our green witch contacts also double as an accurate replica of the lime green eyes of Mitsuri Kanroji’s from Demon Slayer, and our glamour green contact lenses for the eyes of Robert who serves as one half of Team Rocket from Pokemon.

Natural green contact lenses

Our revolutionary multi-tone bright green contacts provide some of the world’s most natural looking temporary green eye transformations. Available in one, two, and three tone options, they feature shades of green that have been colour matched against real-life green eyes. They also feature defined limbal rings to add depth, and clear circular pupils to ensure that your vision remains uninhibited whilst in use.

Green contacts for brown eyes

It can be hard to find natural green contact lenses for dark brown or black-like eyes. However, because our green contacts are all hand-printed with highly pigmented green dye, almost all of them will provide great coverage over the darkest of eyes. From a natural stand-point, our green 3 tone contacts, which feature a blend of three separate tones and a darker, more defined limbal ring, are just about the best option. Meanwhile, on the cosplay and Halloween side, all our designs should provide great coverage.

UK-manufactured green coloured contact lenses

Proudly manufactured by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured contacts, our range of soft and reusable green contacts contain 62% medical grade polymacon and 38% water. Furthermore, they are hand-printed with various shades of highly-pigmented approved green dye. Packaged individualy in sterile plastic blisters, our green contact lenses are sold as pairs, and boast a lifespan of up to 90 days. They also come with a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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