Orange Contact Lenses

Looking to buy orange contact lenses online? A popular colour from our huge range of coloured contacts, we stock reusable orange contacts that incorporate many different shades of orange, icluding burnt orange, pumpkin, tangerine, amber, honey, coral, peach, and even neon orange. Designed to completely hide your natural iris and give you the appearance of orange eyes, they come in a variety of styles, including accurate replicas for a host of orange eyed characters from popular media, vertical pupild designs like our orange cat eyes, and even UV-reactive orange contact lenses. Ideal for use in cosplay, Halloween costumes, and special effects makeup, they could even be worn as an everyday fashion accessory.

Sitting between yellow and red on the colour wheel, orange is the colour of fire and autumn, and alongside black has been widely adopted as an unofficial colour of Halloween. Originally known as geoluhread in old English, literally meaning yellow-red, it was actually the citrus fruit that bore the name ‘orange’ before it was later adopted as the name for the colour. Its association with Halloween combined with the extensive use of orange eyes in characters derived from animations, live-action movies, comics, animes, and video games, has made orange contact lenses a popular choice among cosplayers, and especially at Halloween.

Our expanding range of non-prescription orange contacts incorporates a diverse selection of designs like our bestselling orange pumpkin contacts, which are a must have for both pumpkin and Jack ‘O’ Lantern themed costumes and special effects makeups. Furthermore, they can be used to cosplay the bright orange eyes of characters including Apple Bloom and Lyra Heartstrings, both from My Little Pony. Meanwhile, they can also be used to cosplay the eyes of Amara Aquilla and Illyana from Xmen, Misty Night from Avengers Academy, Daimon Hellstrom from Future Fight, and Officer Jenny from Pokemon. Another popular orange contact lens design comes in the form of our orange cat eye contacts which feature a pure-orange iris and vertical black pupil. Ideal for cosplaying the eyes of Nagini from Harry Potter, they can also be used for the eyes of Wiene from Danmachi. Meanwhile, our hell fire contacts, which feature an orange-flame design, are ideal for use in cosplays based on Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

UK-manufactured orange contacts

Proudly manufactured in a state-of-the-art UK-based facility, by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured lenses, our high quality, yet cheap orange coloured contacts are hand printed using various shades of approved orange dye. Containing 62% polymacon and 38% water, they have been engineered to provide unrivalled levels of comfort and durability. Packaged individually in sterilised plastic blisters, they are sold as pairs and boast a lifespan of 90-days. Furthermore, our orange contact lenses come with a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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