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Create the illusion of fire engulfed eyes with a pair of our hell fire contact lenses. Plucked from our extensive range of Halloween contacts, they feature a black background and a theatrical red, orange, and yellow coloured fire or flame resembling design. They also feature a clear circular pupil that aligns with your natural pupil and subsequently allows you to see uninhibited. They are ideal for use in a variety of fire-themed special effects makeups, cosplays, and Halloween costumes.

One of the most obvious use cases for our hell fire contacts is as the eyes of Marvel’s anti-hero Johnny Blaze AKA Ghost Rider or The Good Samaritan. Portrayed as a stunt motorcyclist with the superhuman ability to transform into a fire engulfed skeletal being at night or in the presence of evil, he first appeared in issue #5 Of Marvel Spotlight (1972). Subsequently, Ghost Rider has featured as the titular character in live-action movies Ghost Rider (2007) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) where he was played by Nicolas Cage. However, he has also featured in various other forms of media, for example, the video game Ghost Rider (2007), and even a self-titled comic series Ghost Rider (2022)

Meanwhile, because the term ‘Hell Fire’ is said to refer to the eternal fires of hell, our hell fire contact lenses could also be used to cosplay devil eyes. This could be a stereotypical red bodied, horned and pointy tailed depiction of a devil or even something completely unique.

Designed and manufactured right here in the UK, our hell fire coloured contacts are hand-printed with approved red, orange, yellow, and black dye. Consisting of 62% polymacon and 38% water, they have been formulated to provide exceptional levels of comfort and durability. Meanwhile, they boast a lifespan of up to 90-days as well a recommendation not to exceed eight hours of consecutive wear.

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