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Obsessed with zebra print? Check out our soft, reusable, non-prescription pink zebra print contact lenses which feature as the most popular animal-print design from our extensive selection of animal contacts. Boasting a bright pink and black striped design that surrounds a black circular pupil, our pink zebra contacts have been designed to replicate the appearance of real-life zebra stripes, albeit with a pink twist. Great for animal-print lovers, they can be worn as an everyday fashion accessory, to a 70s themed party, to complete a cosplay, or even at Halloween.

Appearing as visually spectacular, almost horse-like animals, zebras are actually wholly black skinned underneath their black and white striped fur coats. Now widely believed to be a means of fighting off disease carrying flies, something our zebra contacts unfortunately can’t help with, the purpose of a zebra’s stripes has long been disputed by some experts. For example, others have claimed that they are in fact a camouflage mechanism to confuse predators such as lions, an identity signal a bit like a finger print, and even a built-in climate control system whereby the black stripes absorb heat and the white stripes reflect heat. 

Whatever their purpose, zebra stripes have served as a major influence to the fashion industry. First gaining traction along with various other animal prints following the release of Tarzan and The Ape Man (1932), they saw a resurgence in the 1970s due to heightened interest in world cultures as well as adoption among high-profile celebrities. However, it is 2019 where zebra print reached peak popularity. Used to adorn dresses, jump suits, leggings, shoes, bags, hats, and sunglasses, our pink zebra print contact lenses are just the latest addition to a growing list of fashion items and accessories that feature zebra print.

Proudly designed and manufactured by the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured contacts, our pink zebra print contact lenses are hand-printed using approved bright pink and black dye. Formulated to provide exceptional levels of safety, comfort, and durability, they contain 62% medical grade polymacon and 38% water. Packaged in sterile plastic blisters, our pink zebra coloured contacts are sold as pairs with a lifespan of 90-days, and a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.




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United Kingdom


90 Day


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62% Polymacon & 38% Water

Package Contents

1x Pair (2x Lenses)

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