Red Contact Lenses

Looking to buy red contact lenses online? Despite the fact that red eyes occur naturally in just 1% of the real-life global population, and only as a result of rare conditions such as albinism, they feature extensively in fictional characters from TV series, movies, video games, and comics. Subsequently, non-prescription red coloured contact lenses have become one of the bestselling colours from our extensive range of coloured contacts. Designed to provide incredible red eye transformations, and incorporating blood red, carmine, crimson, maroon, burgundy, and fluorescent red as well as various other shades that fall under the umbrella of red, our red eye contacts are ideal for use in a variety of cosplays, Halloween costumes, and special effects makeups.

Universally recognised as the colour of strength, power, courage, and danger, the use of red as the primary colour within the eyes of fictional characters typically correlates with inhuman strength, immense power or evil intent. More specifically, it features extensively in the eyes of vampire, devil, demon, and ninja-like characters. Some examples include Twilight which makes use of blood red for the eyes of all human-blood drinking vampire covens or the Naruto anime where red features as the primary colour in the eyes of Sharingan possessing ninja characters.

Red Cosplay Contact Lenses

Designed to replicate the red eyes of these fictional characters, our extensive range of reusable red contact lenses incorporates all-time bestsellers like our Volturi contacts. Serving as a movie-accurate replica of the contacts worn by Michael Sheen whilst in character as Volturi leader Aro from the Twilight Saga, they can also be used for other members of the Volturi clan. Meanwhile, other notable examples from our range of red contacts include our Voldemort lenses which are a brownish-red colour and serve as a book-accurate replica of the eyes of Lord Voldemort from J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter franchise. Other examples include our Tokyo Ghoul contacts for the eyes of Ken Kaneki and other ghouls from the Tokyo Ghoul manga, and even our vertical-pupiled Sauron contacts which replicate the Eye Of Sauron from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings.

As well as our character resembling designs, our extensive range of red coloured contacts also incorporates Christmas designs such as our red candy cane contacts, and gothic designs like our red pentagrams. We also stock many more generic designs such as red block, red mesh, red cat eyes, and even red mini sclera contacts which measure 17mm in diameter and are, therefore, significantly larger than regular red contacts.

Red UV Coloured Contacts

In addition to our extensive selection of regular red contacts, we also stock a number of UV-reactive designs. For example, our blood red UV contacts which can be worn while clubbing, at Halloween, or even to repliacte the eyes of characters such as Scarlet Witch as depicted in Age of Ultron (2015). Other options include our Volturi UVs which serve as a UV/blacklight reactive alternative to our regular Volturi contacts, as well as more generic designs like our dolly eye red UVs, and red and black checkered UVs.

UK-Manufactured Safe Red Contact Lenses

Brought to you directly from the UK’s only approved manufacturer of coloured lenses, our red contact lenses are almost identical in form to clear prescription contacts but with the addition of a red printed design on the outer facing surface. Designed to completely cover your natural iris, they contain 62% polymacon and 38% water which leaves them feeling soft, comfortable, and durable. Packaged as single lenses in foil sealed plastic blisters, our red contacts are sold as pairs, and are suitable for first time wearers as well as professional cosplayers. Meanwhile, they boast a lifespan of 90-days and a recommended use time of up to eight consecutive hours.

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